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What is TIC TOC Mentor?


TIC TOC Innovations offers a Mentorship based career and job placement training program. The program helps eligible clients by training them for meaningful careers and assists them with obtaining employment.


      How does it work?

TIC TOC is partners with multiple local contractors and vendors that are willing to give our members a SECOND CHANCE.

      1.Getting acquainted: We introduce ourselves by telling our story of our life experiences and our background.

       2. Why are we here? We introduce our program explaining the    purpose and benefit of being a member of TIC TOC Innovations.

      3. Listen and understand: While getting to know the client, We listen to the client's career goals and help guide them to obtain them.

     4. Exchange contact information: We provide the client with our contact information and we collect an information card from them.

     5. Keeping in touch: During the time the member is serving we will have an assigned mentor stay in touch with them until the duration and or for life. We also offer learning material.


 TIC TOC offers assistance and guidance for job placement in the  following industry sectors:                                                                                 

  •  Facilities Management

  • Lawncare

  •  Automotive Repair

  •  Construction

  •  Clerical

  •  Healthcare

  •  Hospitality

  • Transportation


*Job placement is contingent upon qualification.


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